For the Business looking to improve the recouping of revenue from visits completed, we offer:

  • Real time scheduling and rescheduling.
  • Patient/customer confirmation of services rendered in real time.
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of information.
  • Decreased time dedicated to bill reconciliation.
  • Automatic end-of-day bill reconciliation.
  • Efficient shift management / maximize shift work.

For the Managed Care / Payor Solution looking for increased program accountability:

  • Improved Auth/Claims reconciliation capability
  • 24/7 Third party monitoring by clinicians
  • Scheduling flexibility from providers
  • Extensive reporting capabilities (member and provider)
  • Ability to track in and out of care person
  • 3rd Party EVV monitoring with penalties for missed visits
  • Access to 3rd party vendor data (if utilized)
  • Documentation of follow-up of 3rd party vendor
  • All calls can be recorded
  • Set priority of care, i.e., notification of on-call staff for critical incidents
  • Back-up plan process implementation
  • Real time Alerts notification and monitoring



For the Family Member(s) looking for a clear path to health care:


  • Real time alerts for appointments and medications
  • Enhance communication between agencies for natural support.
  • Ability to communicate with provider via phone, txt, or video chat.
  • Manage staffing for family members.
  • Assist in managing claims for long-term care insurance.