Welcome to EVVentus

Thank you for interest about EVVentus. We go beyond the traditional telephony – GPS based verification systems used today for event verification.  Our technologies are unique and scalable, while at the same time economically feasible.  

Our product is Patent Pending. 

Home visits help our most vulnerable populations, the young, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.   When servicing such delicate populations, it is imperative that information be correct and in real time.  The right people need to be in the right place at the right time, performing the right services.

We employ more personal and configurable systems, which allow our customers to take advantage of process fluidity.   We can offer customized applications which allow you to more accurately collect pertinent information, thus allowing you to commoditize your billing practices.  No need to hire employees to oversee a manual process.   We can provide an entire system or “apps that fill in the gaps”.  Our programs can help you to improve information dissemination in a “passive fashion”. This passivity allows you and your workforce to improve data all without having to add to your daily workload.   Wouldn't you love to improve your system, and at the same time have your system identify shortcomings and make the recommendations for improvement?